In today’s care industry, retaining top talent has become a top priority. Employee turnover disrupts an organization’s productivity and incurs significant recruitment and training costs. Most care industries believe applicants are applying for jobs with higher pay. That is not the case, 40% of employers say workers leave their jobs to find a role that offers better employee benefits according to Forbes Advisor. It is important for care industries to create a benefits package to attract and retain employees.  

1. Employer-covered Healthcare: Prioritizing Care Team Well-being 

Employee well-being is the key to quality care provision; it’s important to make sure your employees are in their best health to ensure top-notch care for seniors. By offering comprehensive health coverage, your employees will see your commitment and compassion to their health. Procare HR offers two health insurances, Blue Cross Blue Shield and Angle. This provides options to choose from to ensure your organization’s unique needs are being met.  

Don’t like the health insurance that Procare HR has to offer? Procare HR provides health insurance administration if you want to stick with your original health insurance plan. This provides less work and more time for you to focus on more important things, such as providing care.  

Employees with access to quality healthcare without overwhelming financial stress make them more likely to stay in their roles and provide consistent, compassionate care. 

2. Life Insurance: Ensuring Financial Security for Care Professionals 

Life insurance is a vital aspect of financial planning for care operators and their employees. It provides financial security for employees’ families in case of unforeseen events. Procare HR offers life insurance to ensure that your employees and their families have the necessary coverage, offering peace of mind to both you and your employees. This sense of security can enhance employee retention among care teams. 

3. Pension and Retirement Plans: Building a Secure Future for Care Staff 

Retirement plans are crucial for fostering loyalty among care staff. These plans allow employees to save for their retirement with the added advantage of employer contributions. Switching to a new retirement program may seem daunting, but Procare HR is here to make it effortless. We assist senior care organizations in seamlessly transitioning to our 401(k) program, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience. Our team’s expertise not only simplifies the process but also saves you up to ten thousand dollars in administration fees. Our commitment to your organization’s financial health is unwavering, which is why we do not charge our clients for 401k administration. By offering this program, you empower your employees to save for retirement while simultaneously saving your organization money in administration fees. 


For care operators, retaining a skilled and compassionate care team is essential for delivering high-quality services. Procare HR’s specialized expertise in optimizing benefits packages can be a game-changer. By tailoring benefits like employer-covered healthcare, life insurance, pension and retirement plans, you can not only attract top talent but also retain and nurture your existing care teams. Procare HR’s support reduces turnover, enhances care quality, and ultimately leads to better outcomes for both care professionals and the individuals they serve. 

Need help with creating a benefits package? Avoid making these 5 mistakes. 

Source | Forbes Advisor  

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