The Workforce Shortage Solution

The ability to find a new generation of individuals to become Certified Nursing Assistants or caregivers to reach full staffing levels is the difference between thriving and barely surviving.

Traditional recruitment efforts fall short.

Applying our propriety approach and process, paired with tenacity and grit, it is possible to yield positive results.  At Procare CONNECT, we tackle the challenge differently.  You will receive a laser-focused, special operations team, who will execute consistently and produce results.

Procare CONNECT is an additional service offering of Procare HR.


We handle all of this and more:

✔ Recruiting

✔ Hiring Nursing Assistants

✔ Training

✔ Employee Engagement

✔ Consulting

✔ Reporting

✔ Individual Retention Plans for At-Risk Employees

✔ Employee Support

What’s the Cost of Staffing Shortages?

If you can only fill 80% of your census due to staffing shortages, the revenue loss is substantial: 

  • Assisted Living or Memory Care (45 units)  = $750,000 loss/year 
  • Nursing Home (55 beds) = $1.5 million loss/year

Conversely, if you decide to take admissions to serve those in the community, the cost to provide that care and service without proper staffing erodes your profit margin. You need to factor in overtime, staffing agency fees, and bonus payouts for shifts worked. Not to mention employees are burning out, leading to an increase in costly workers’ compensation claims, skyrocketing turnover rates, and costly service failures.

Do you want to barely survive, or do you want to thrive?

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Unparalleled Workforce Solutions

Learn more about our proprietary process that involves experienced people and technology.


Our team is experienced in attracting the right candidates for your needs.


Our hiring approach is effective and gets new hires excited about their first day.


We train a new generation of caregivers onsite to become Certified Nursing Assistants through OnTrack™.


What good is hiring if they are quitting? We connect with new hires often to improve retention.  


We’re in constant contact with you. We’ll review the data and adjust as needed.

Reduce staffing issues in the care industry

We Decrease Common Senior Care Burdens

  • Consistent and Expensive Overtime
  • Unsustainable Employee Bonuses
  • Agency/Pool Support and Fees
  • Nurse Time and Resources to Fill Nursing Assistant and Caregiver Roles

Imagine a Happier Workforce and Residents

  • Improve Resident Satisfaction
  • Improve Staff Satisfaction
  • Improve Census
  • Improve Quality of Care Provided
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Unparalleled Experience in the Care Industry

We are a team committed to creating effective and sustainable solutions for organizations to safely and effectively care for patients while achieving key business goals.

Tailored to the Senior Care Industry – Our experts have scheduled in the following areas:

✔ Assisted Living

✔ Memory Care

✔ Nursing Homes

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