Employee Benefit Packages for Care Operators


Access better benefits that will help you recruit and retain employees.

Effective benefit plans and the administration of such plans is critical to your employee satisfaction levels. When employee retention is key to your operation, you need an edge to attract and keep quality employees. Better employee benefits can be the answer.

However, navigating benefit options, providing employee education and support, and administering the program is a task you don’t have time for.

We remove the burden of benefit administration so you can focus on delivering care.

We handle all of this and more:

✔ Medical, Dental, and Vision

✔ 401k Retirement Plans

✔ Flexible Spending Accounts

✔ Disability, Cancer, Telehealth, and More

✔ Plan Compliance & Risk Mitigation

✔ Complete Administration

✔ Employee Support

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Access Better Benefits for Your Care Organization

Effective benefit plans and the administration of such plans is critical to your employee satisfaction levels.  At Procare HR, we take on all your benefit-related activities and so much more.


Access a Master Medical Plan with more benefits and perks — at better rates

Care organizations typically have a disadvantage when it comes to healthcare due to low opt-in rates and a high risk population. Instead, leverage our buying power to partner with top healthcare providers to provide large group plans that are typically only offered to large corporations. These plans provide modern solutions, more perks, and access to comprehensive care, all while benefiting your bottom line. 


Reduce your workload with complete outsourced benefits management

Our benefits experts work directly with providers to help your care organization gain access to high-quality employee benefits plans. Plus, as your organization changes, we are here to support you. 


Attract and retain employees with better benefits

In a time where every employee matters, find out how partnering with Procare HR can help you as a care provider attract and retain employees.

Find out why 17,000+ client employees trust us.

We alleviate the burden of managing HR all on your own so you can focus on delivering care.

HR Solutions for the Care Industry

Managing all the HR functions including compliance and risk mitigation is a lot to handle on your own. We completely take on your HR stress and burden.

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