HR Software for Care Operators

Access dashboards and make hiring easier.

That’s just the surface of what our HR platform can do for your organization.

We’ve painstakingly ensured our HR software will meet your needs as a care operator. From complicated shift schedules to viewing important employee reports, you’ll have everything you need on an easy-to-use platform.

Plus, our Helpline supports you and your employees when there are questions.

We handle all of this and more:

✔ Time & Attendance

✔ Dashboard Reports

✔ Scheduling

✔ Applicant Tracking

✔ Technology Consulting

✔ Migration Support

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Technology Designed for Your Needs

As a care provider, you have a lot of HR software options. Beyond our HR services, we’re hyperfocused on ensuring our software supports you.

Applicant Tracking

Automate and organize applicant tracking online, helping you fill open positions quickly and efficiently.

Online Onboarding

Get new hires started right away with paperless onboarding. Easily manage important documentation like I9 and W4s.

Time & Attendance

Manage time on the same system. Track and monitor breaks, overtime, time off, and more. Quickly build shifts and schedules. Employees can clock in online with geofencing options.

Employee Self-Service

Put the power in your employees’ hands. They can view pay history, paystubs, update tax withholdings, download W2s, view time cards, enroll in benefits, clock in/out, and more. Plus, our Employee Helpline can answer their additional questions.


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We alleviate the burden of managing HR all on your own so you can focus on delivering care.

HR Solutions for the Care Industry

Managing all the HR functions including compliance and risk mitigation is a lot to handle on your own. We completely take on your HR stress and burden.

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