It’s tough for an HR Director to handle all the responsibilities that come with human resources like payroll, risk mitigation, compliance, and more. This can affect the organization where a little mistake can be costly, causing decreasing employee retention and expensive fines that can negatively impact your organization.  

In the care industry where nearly half of your expenses are your workforce, gaining control over rising labor costs, cutting excessive overtime expenditure, and improving employee turnover are keys to success.  

That’s where a PEO steps in to save the day. A Professional Employer Organization (PEO) like Procare HR works with employers by offering them comprehensive HR and labor management solutions. A PEO aids with administrative tasks surrounding HR like payroll, employee benefits, optimizing labor costs, workers’ compensation, compliance, and more. A PEO offers assistance and relieves HR burdens for companies so they can work on what really matters to them. At Procare HR, we specifically aid senior care and disability services providers by offering a multitude of HR solutions. This allows these organizations to focus on the most important thing, delivering care. Seeing this, it’s apparent that a PEO can support an HR Director in many ways.  

Here are some of the different ways that a PEO can support an HR Director.  

HR Administration 

As mentioned before, a PEO helps with day-to-day HR administration. At Procare HR, here are some of the HR tasks that we can help with:  

  • New hire paperwork and the onboarding process 
  • Compensation and rewards 
  • Job descriptions 
  • Employee handbook 
  • Compensation analysis 
  • Benefit plan offerings and administration 
  • Unemployment administration 
  • FMLA and leave of absence
  • New hire reporting 
  • Employee verification 

By focusing on these routine aspects of HR, we can support an HR Director by working together with them on these duties and freeing up their time. With more time, an HR Director can focus on bigger-picture tasks and work on strategic HR initiatives like employee engagement, talent acquisition, business goals, organizational growth, and more. A PEO can even help with these initiatives by offering guidance on them as well. Procare HR offers HR strategy assistance that can help an organization figure out how HR initiatives like these can reach their goals.   

HR Expertise  

With a PEO comes a whole network of HR experts and specialists that can provide an HR Director with information and resources that can help immensely with completing their duties. Procare HR has experts and specialists in compliance, payroll, employee benefits, and more. There are many situations where an HR director can feel unsure about how to proceed. A PEO with this expertise can support by offering guidance and advice to a director that will mitigate risks and allow them to proceed in the best way possible. They can serve as great resources to consult with when it comes to all sorts of HR matters. The knowledge and experiences of a PEO can also give an HR Director a new perspective when it comes to HR issues, goals, and ideas. This amount of information, resources, and guidance will assist an HR Director in making more informed decisions for their organization.  

Compliance Support  

An HR Director may find it challenging to keep up with the always evolving employment laws. According to Corporate Compliance Insights, due to COVID-19 alone, there have been over 2000 legislative changes. How can a director manage to learn all this while juggling their other responsibilities? What’s great is that a PEO’s job is to stay current on changing legislation and regulations. At Procare HR, we have a compliance team that is current on relevant regulations and can assist with any compliance questions. This kind of team can support the HR Director with their knowledge, aiding them with their expertise and offering methods that will help a director with doing the same. This will greatly reduce the amount of liability and stress placed upon the HR director, ensuring consistent compliance with employment laws.  


Managing payroll can be intimidating, especially for growing organizations with complex compensation structures, bonuses, and tax statements. Even a tiny payroll mistake can result in significant costs and penalties for the company. According to the IRS, more than 33% of small businesses get fined every year for payroll mistakes. PEOs can support this complicated responsibility by managing these payroll activities. Many businesses turn to a PEO to alleviate this burden and ensure accurate and timely payroll for their employees. Procare HR has payroll specialists who assist HR Directors with all payroll-related duties so an organization can guarantee compliance with the law and focus on delivering care.   

HR Technology 

A PEO will often be able to provide HR software and technology that is easy to use. This software can be designed to fit the needs of an HR Director and their business. For example, Procare HR’s software is designed for care providers and their specific needs. Some of the tasks that our software handle include: 

  • Time & Attendance 
  • Dashboard Reports 
  • Scheduling  
  • Applicant Tracking 
  • Technology Consulting 
  • Migration Support 

Software that can support these tasks will improve efficiency for the HR Director and allow them to complete their HR duties much more easily.  

Employee Retention 

Employee retention is a major concern for HR and for a good reason. A Career Builder survey found that the average cost of losing a good hire is $29,600. At Procare HR, we know that’s why employee retention is key to organizations. A PEO like us can offer better employee benefit plans that will attract and retain employees. We understand that navigating these options can be difficult so we can handle administering these benefits. This way, an HR Director does not need to spend their time doing this. Directors can then devote more of their time to creating and implementing engagement initiatives that will further improve employee retention for their business. Time can now be spent on maintaining an overall positive, healthy, and engaging workplace culture for employees. For some more of our advice on employee retention, check out our guide on how to better reward employees and how this contributes to higher retention and productivity among staff.  

Less Stress 

The assistance and expertise of a PEO can support an HR Director in their decisions and strategy, both freeing up time for them and relieving major amounts of stress that come with navigating HR. 

This list only offers a handful of ways that a PEO can support an HR Director. There are countless other ways that a Professional Employer Organization can help both a director and their business. With the amount of knowledge and support that a PEO offers an HR Director, an organization can provide great human resource services to ensure a happy and healthy workplace.  

Procare HR is a PEO that offers comprehensive HR solutions to senior care providers and disability services. If you’re looking for support for your HR Director, contact us today to learn more about what we can do for your organization.  

Sources: Career Builder, Corporate Compliance Insights, GlobalExpansion 

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