How Can PROCare HR Help You?

The PROCare Way was born from the philosophy that Direct Care Operators and their HR Leaders deserve the same respect and care that they give their patients.

PROCare HR goes beyond transactional HR services. We believe that what we deliver is important, but how we deliver it is, too. We offer value added workforce strategy and solutions delivered in a provider-centric way, customized for you. The PROCare Way includes the deployment of two key programs: Operation Elevate™ and Operation Integrate™.

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You call, we answer. No answering services, no automated responses. We are a full team of HR experts that collaborate and integrate effortlessly with your team so that we deliver timely responses and professional results every time. This includes:

  • VP, Team
  • Senior Account Manager
  • Director, Work Comp & Risk Management
  • Director, Client HR Services
  • Director, Employee Benefits
  • Administrator, Employee Benefits
  • Employee Helpline Manager

By becoming a partner you can rely on and providing the tools and resources you need, we allow your people to do what they do best – provide care. This gives everyone the time to focus on other priorities to improve business outcomes, client retention and occupancy, quality of care and employee satisfaction.

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Backed by the PROCare way.

With more than 30 years of experience on our team, we believe that what we deliver is important, but how we deliver it is, too.

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We alleviate the burden of managing HR all on your own so you can focus on delivering care.

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Managing all the HR functions including compliance and risk mitigation is a lot to handle on your own. We completely take on your HR stress and burden.

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